Which Inspiration North podcasts did you miss in October 2020?

In October 2020 we had 4 podcast guests. These were:

96 - Drew Rowlands - Apply yourself to life in the best way that you can.

We talk about:

💬 How all of the world’s ails can be solved by human creativity.

💬 Why entrepreneurship will become more common in the years ahead.

💬 And how he was a very ugly baby but with lovely hands!

Drew Rowlands, is Deputy Chief Executive of Leeds Based We Are IVE, leading their commercial strand of work and being responsible for design and delivery of Creative Leadership training programmes.

He is a qualified teacher with over 26 years of classroom experience combined with over 30 years’ experience of leading professional training within a wide range of different contexts. He has held senior leadership roles for the past 28 years, all of which have been underpinned by his expert knowledge of creativity and creative practice.

Drew now works with leaders from a range of sectors, unlocking imagination so that problems can be seen as challenges and embracing creativity as a means of driving productivity.

Drew sits on Leeds Chamber of Commerce Leadership Group; is Chair of Education on the board of Shakespeare North; Vice Chair of a through school in Leeds and a member of the British Actors Equity Association. Drew is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce.

As well as writing a number of blogs and white papers for IVE, in his spare time, Drew is a keen writer having written a number of plays and musicals over the years, and had his first novel ‘Tales of an Ordinary Man’ published in 2014.

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97 - Ellen Hedley - Back yourself and be confident in what you’re doing!

We talk about:

💬 Having the confidence to say no to things.

💬 How managing humans is one of the most difficult things to do.

💬 And is there anything annoying about Henry?

Ellen runs digital agency Vida Creative alongside her partner Henry. Currently a team of six, they deliver creative solutions to client problems.

After starting a career in higher education marketing, Ellen left her comfortable job and ventured into self employment. All in the name of creative freedom!

At this point Ellen and Henry moved into a campervan, working and travelling around Europe for the next 18 months.

Fast forward to today and Vida Creative specialises in branding, website design and marketing for innovative businesses. And they’re not finished yet… with plans to grow the business over the next 12 months.

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98 Amin Sorour - Driven by the idea of making change.

We talk about:

💬 You don’t always have to get things done - just feel like there is progress.

💬 Choosing training from a strengths focus.

💬 And how he sees the Pyramids every day but never goes there.

Amin stands at the forefront of the fast-changing Organisation Development; Human Resources sector, known for his tireless work ethic and hands-on approach to organisation and people development.

With more than 15 years experience in HR, Amin currently works as Regional HR Manager, responsible for the Middle East and North Africa, for a European pharmaceutical company.

He has a profound interest and passion to contribute immensely to the strength-based

movement and the notion of self-managed teams, devoting himself to promote autonomy, intrapreneurship, and collective intelligence as key drivers of organisational growth and human performance.

Amin is a committed and proud husband and father of twin boys.

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99 James Ibbitson - Recognising your Yoda moment

We talk about:

💬 How he never set out to run his own business.

💬 The importance of mindset and resilience for entrepreneurs.

💬 And hear all about his Mexican Mind Monkey!

James runs a video marketing agency Visual Punch. They create exciting and engaging video content for their clients.

James in a past life was a forklift truck driver and a flat roof installer to mention a few of his previous career choices before having his Yoda moment.

Fast forward several years, a degree later, and noticing a gap in the market James started his own business. Visual Punch has since gone from strength to strength.

Visual Punch specialises in creating video content that allows their clients to communicate with their target audience quickly, clearly, and concisely. With exciting new services being launched they are excited to work with you on your video journey.

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