Which Inspiration North podcasts did you miss in November 2020?

November 2020 marked a big milestone for the Inspiration North podcast. Having released a podcast every Monday since January 7th 2019 (come rain or shine, or lockdown), we hit our 100th episode! We were excited to have one of our local radio heroes as our special guest.

In November we had 5 podcast guests. These were:

100 Lisa Shaw - Don’t be afraid to say yes to opportunities!

We talk about:

💬 Her career being a bit of an accident. 💬 The privilege of being part of listeners’ lives each day.

💬 And her embarrassing Russell Crowe story.

A County Durham lass through and through, Lisa has a radio career of over 20 years in the North East.

Having worked on several of the regions commercial radio stations, winning a Sony Gold Award for co-presenting The Best Breakfast Show in 2012, she now presents the Mid-Morning Show, (the best of all the radio shows) on BBC Radio Newcastle.

She is also an event host and Voice Over and is married and has a son. She pretends she enjoys cooking, but really just likes watching other people do it on her TV.

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101 Phil Jackman - You don’t have to always follow the rules

We talk about:

💬 Crafting a different approach to management.

💬 How you should trust people and allow them to do what they’re good at.

💬 And how people doing things the same way they’ve always done them, keeps Phil in employment!

Phil is a Guerrilla Worker, strategic thinker, occasional maverick and reluctant over-achiever with an interest in culture change, creative opportunities and regional development.

He is Director of Guerrilla Working Ltd consultancy working at the point where technology meets the organisation’s people. Phil is a Director of Dynamo North East, an industry-led initiative focusing on growing the tech sector in the North East where he leads on the CyberNorth cyber cluster including the delivery of #CyberFest.

Phil is also a Director of North East Initiative on Business Ethics, working to make the North East the most ethical place to do business.

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102 Eldon Jobe - The risks worth taking

We talk about:

💬 Just winging it in his first business but still managing to do well.

💬 Raising £1.2 million in VC money to get a business going.

💬 And how he is still able to do a wheelie and bunny hops on his son’s BMX!

Eldon is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded several tech and recruitment businesses over the last 20 years. From recruiting in software and tech to founding an IT recruitment company, Eldon's journey then took him on to co-found a software company designed to help the recruitment industry.

After several years of working in Software, Eldon got the urge to return to Recruitment and co-founded a niche recruitment business specialising in IT infrastructure, Software and Cybersecurity.

In every business Eldon has been involved in, there was one recurring theme. The mysterious dark art of cybersecurity was always both expensive and difficult to get right, yet was becoming increasingly important, yet overly complicated. This became the driving force behind Eldon Co-Founding Melius Cyber.

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103 Philip Lancaster - Helping people to achieve their life goals

We talk about:

💬 How money is almost a taboo dinner table topic.

💬 Delivering financial education masterclasses in schools.

💬 And his tendency to flee the country when big decisions need to be made.

Phil has been described as a modern-day saint, a red-haired version of Ryan Gosling, and an everyday superhero. All by his mum (so we’re told) who we assume loves him unconditionally and hasn’t yet listened to this podcast.

In reality, Phil’s someone who didn’t know what he wanted to be when he was younger and has taken time out to travel and enjoy himself at important stages in his life before jumping into university, jobs, and uprooting his long-suffering wife to move back up North.

As a financial adviser, Phil is passionate about financial education at an early age, supporting young entrepreneurs and professionals who may have never thought about planning, and helping charities with both his expertise and his time.

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#104 Neina Sheldon - Helping others to live their fullest lives all year round

We talk about:

💬 Building your life and work around your light needs.

💬 How self care, boundaries and looking after your own needs are important.

💬 And how she used to feel like Tigger and Eeyore at different times of the year.

Neina was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in 2003 and now helps people and organisations understand how light impacts on health as the Founder and Director of Lightopia CIC, the home of light nutrition.

With a third of UK adults experiencing SAD and Winter Blues for up to six months every year and many experiencing Vitamin D deficiency, sleep problems and social jetlag, the reality is that many of us aren't enjoying the full quality of life that we deserve.

Lightopia aims to change this, encouraging everyone to make positive behavioural and environmental changes to 'live your light ideal'.

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