Which Inspiration North podcasts did you miss in January 2021?

An interesting start to the year after the festive season, with another national lockdown in the U.K.

January 2021 was a 4-podcast month with the following guests:

A variety of stories from inspiring people who have overcome numerous challenges to find what they are passionate about and meant to do in life!

109 - James Eves & Michelle Minnikin - Focus on what you can control and look for the positives!

Our 2nd podcast anniversary edition - we reflect on the lowlights and highlights of 2020, our lessons learned and what’s next!

We talk about:

  • Creating even more authentic relationships.

  • James’s new secret identity being revealed.

  • And Michelle using Twitter as a baby monitor to check in on the US during the elections.

We are co-founders of Inspiration North and we’re on a mission to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

James is a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach, Inspiration North Podcast Host, Co-Captain of Work Pirates, and a happiness spreader. He gets energy from helping people discover and develop their talents to perform at their best.

Michelle is a Chartered Psychologist, Inspiration North Podcast Host, Co-Captain of Work Pirates, and a happiness spreader. She loves helping people and organisations fulfil their potential.

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110 Rebecca Deller - Laughter is the best medicine

We talk about:

  • What laughter yoga is.

  • A serendipitous trip to China that led to a job in Japan.

  • And why she forgot that we like to queue in England.

They say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and a phrase that motivated Rebecca Deller to run laughter workshops during 2020. Rebecca is a Well-being Consultant, Laughter Facilitator and Chief Happiness Officer who works with organisations to help them thrive by helping them to invest in the well-being and happiness of their employees.

Rebecca’s background spans 12 years working in learning and development teams three years of which were spent in Japan and France. Her specialisms include people management, mentoring and coaching. Her passion for well-being was ignited when living and travelling around Asia. A trip to India inspired an interest in yoga and Ayurveda where she even got to star in a Bollywood film.

Rebecca likes to take the road less travelled which makes for a bumpy road at times but it is certainly full of adventure!

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111 Martin Gillespie - Thriving through adversity!

We talk about:

  • Using his stage four cancer to become a better person.

  • His Mum knitting him a jumper to stay warm in Australia.

  • And being known as the “Bud Stud!”

Martin is a Holistic Coach with a focus on the wellbeing of men. Ditching the corporate blazer after 25 years to become a trailblazer in wellness, growth and developing into an empathetic human.

Martin addresses his purpose of combining nutrition, meditation, epigenetics and questioning the programmed mindset. He is a resilient, charismatic and successful strategic leader, having overcome mental challenges including personal trauma and healing from cancer.

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112 Debbie Haynes - Follow your heart, not your head

We talk about:

  • Growing a business from £500k to £24 million.

  • Bringing her son to a meeting for a volunteering project then signing up herself.

  • This being her first job where she hasn’t taken all of her holidays.

Initially working as a Wildlife SOS volunteer in 2018, Debbie was inspired and moved to see how the Wildlife SOS team makes such a positive contribution to the protection of wildlife and the environment.

And so, after 25 years in the commercial arena, she took a leap, putting her skillset in Sales, Management and as a company Director into an organisation where she truly believes she can make a difference. The challenges are huge but the gains beyond words. Debbie wanted to be a part of the change that we humans must make, and now she is!

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