Which Inspiration North podcasts did you miss in December 2020?

What a year 2020 has been! I don't think any of us could really imagine what we were about to face as we were cheering in the New Year on January 1st 2020!

December 2020 was a 4-episode month with the following guests.

· Nicole Johnston - Episode 105

· Laura Rothwell - Episode 106

· Niall Tudor McKay-Mount - Episode 107

· Shamshad Shah - Episode 108

A variety of stories from inspiring people who have overcome numerous challenges to find what they are passionate about and meant to do in life!

105 Nicole Johnston - From the Wrong Side of the Tracks to Downing Street

Nicole tells us her story about how she went from the wrong side of the tracks in Australia to working in Downing Street.

We talk about:

💬 Wanting to be Australia’s Prime Minister when she was five years old.

💬 Her first meeting with Gordon Brown and White House officials.

💬 And her advice for Donald Trump.

Nicole had a misspent youth in politics and government advising senior ministers in the UK and Australia, including Gordon Brown and Boris. She loved working in government. She felt she could change the world.

Nicole is now an author, ghostwriter and book coach. She loves helping people finish their books – whether business or fiction. She is a passionate believer in the healing capacity of writing. Seth Godin is right – the book that will change our lives is the one we write ourselves.

Her latest book, co-authored with the amazing Anna McAfee, launched on 10th September and her crime novel, is with her editor.

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106 Laura Rothwell - Understanding People and Making Connections

Laura speaks to us about how marketing is all about understanding people and making connections.

We talk about:

💬 Wanting to make a difference.

💬 Not growing the business for the sake of growth; exploring what is “enough.”

💬 And how her famously weak wrists became a twist of fate in her career.

“Clearly not afraid to give opinions via professional social media accounts” and “If you want to succeed you’re going to have to forget about your principles” are two of the pieces of feedback Laura has had, which probably tells you everything you need to know.

She didn’t forget about her principles and she swears a lot on Twitter.

Laura is an accidental marketer of 17 years and founded Crystallised in 2013 to do marketing ethically, honestly and creatively. They work with socially or culturally minded organisations to create beautiful conversations and change the world.

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107 Niall Tudor McKay-Mount (AKA Mr Chimp) - Merry Chimpmas!

We talk about:

💬 The name of his first sauce for a chicken wing eating competition.

💬 Finding the meaning of life at 42.

💬 And how his funky dance moves got the attention of Mrs Chimp.

This is Niall’s 43rd job since leaving school in 1990.

In 2015, he was suffering from depression and needed serious help. His friend Paul kindly gave him some of his chilli seedlings and said, “Grow them mate, they may take your mind off things!”

A few months later his sister asked him to make a “Man Vs Food” challenge sauce. He made a chilli sauce that went down so well that shortly after that Screaming Chimp was born!

They provide a range of chilli sauces that are perfectly paired with all the meat you can eat or fish you can dish.

From their County Durham home, they grow a variety of chillies which go into every one of their sauces. There are seven sauces in the range, from mild to wild!

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108 Shamshad Shah - It’s not luck - it’s what we make of it.

We talk about:

💬 Being who she was expected to be versus who she was authentically.

💬 Connecting with your emotions, gut and heart to make life changing steps to reach bigger goals.

💬 And how the world is your oyster but you don’t have to eat them.

Shamshad is an expert in helping you to transform your wellbeing, by giving you a toolkit to create simple daily habits and understand your behaviours to live your best life.

Prior to establishing Simply Wellbeing UK Shamshad worked in the NHS for 27 years as a specialist Dietitian. She also utilised her teaching degree to create innovative Nutrition courses.

Highly experienced in intuitively listening and creating a holistic map to navigate your wellbeing journey, Shamshad created the 3 steps to Vitality System giving you everything you need to transform your wellbeing.

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Thanks for listening and wishing you all the best for 2021!

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