Which Inspiration North podcasts did you miss in August 2020?

We thought it might be useful to bring together a monthly summary of podcasts. August 2020 was a 5-podcast month.

These are:

  • 87 – Matt Atkinson

  • 88 – Andrew Silver

  • 89 – Joanne Lockwood

  • 90 – Mark Hill MBE

  • 91 – Alan Green

A wide range of stories and journeys! Each is listed below with a summary and link to our website player. Feel free to search for Inspiration North in your favourite podcast player and search by episode number.

Which will you listen to next?

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87 – Matt Atkinson – Understanding the Art of the Possible

We talk about:

💬 Him knowing every button on a Boeing 747 as a boy.

💬 What digital transformation actually is. And isn’t.

💬 And his small part in the TV show Tomorrow’s World.

Matt is an experienced digital leader and innovator, skilled in strategic business design and digital tech.

In his role as a digital transformation specialist he works with businesses to understand what's holding them back and to identify suitable solutions. He has cross-sector experience and has helped countless start-ups, SME’s and corporates to innovate and realise their ambitions.

Matt has been an engineer, systems specialist, project manager, team manager, process improvement consultant, change manager, sales director and digital strategist. As a result, he has a unique ability to identify opportunities for improvement and exploit digital technologies to deliver extraordinary results.

Not only that but...

He's always smiling. ‘Positive’ is his middle name. (actually, it’s Steven, but…). He can translate ‘Geek’ into plain language. He has a passion for studying complex problems and finding practical solutions. He proclaims that he can find a solution to ANY problem.

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88 – Andrew Silver – Growing a Business Head and Heart

We talk about:

💬 How health, well-being and connections have become more important thanks to Covid.

💬 Working with those who have an inner purpose.

💬 And changing his dream from being a lumberjack to being a management consultant.

Andrew has extensive director and Board experience working with, and for, a number of SME’s over the last 30 years. With a law degree from Northumbria University and a post graduate in management from Sunderland University he has worked for companies such as Vaux plc, Virgin and Whitbread, amongst many others.

In 2005 he became Managing Director of a PE backed hotel venture where he was responsible for the delivery of an ambitious hotel growth plan and was part of the team that sold the business to Whitbread in 2007.

Moving back to the NE in 2011 he managed the restructure of a healthcare business as MD and then CEO. After 18 months as a business development consultant and a short period as Commercial director at Saddle Skedaddle Andrew set up 360 Growth Partners to support SMEs across the North East realise their business and personal vision.

Andrew is a mentor on the LEP mentoring programme, a member of the Northumbria University Business School advisory board and Chair of The Key, a NE youth charity.

He is married with 2 now self-sufficient sons(!) is a long-suffering Leeds fan and loves spending time in their converted barn in the Yorkshire dales and outdoor swimming

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89 – Joanne Lockwood – Lucky Things Happen to Lucky People Who Do Lucky Things

We talk about:

💬 Overcoming imposter syndrome and using her own experiences to help others.

💬 In two years going from not being able to get out of bed to being an international speaker.

💬 And how you should just keep winging it!

Joanne is a leading authority on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging who engages with organisations to develop policy and best practice to be more inclusive for all people. By challenging biases, she helps them to develop a vision and strategy for conscious inclusion, with the aim of bringing about positive culture change and employee experience.

Additionally, she promotes transgender awareness and support to businesses and organisations throughout the UK, Europe and elsewhere developing allies’ programmes as assisting in policy and LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies.

As a sought-after Keynote Conference speaker, podcaster, blogger and panellist, Joanne delivers workshops, seminars, and training programmes through the UK, Europe and elsewhere on the topics of Culture Change, Employee Engagement and Experience. Often working with Talent Acquisition and HR teams she advises on building an inclusive employee lifecycle from hire to retire.

She is an Advisory Friend of The Institute of Equality & Diversity Professionals, a member of The Rotary Club and The Professional Speaking Association. Joanne sits as a subject matter expert for School of Health Sciences at Southampton University. As a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, she believes passionately that “people are people” and, no matter who they are, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Joanne was a contributor and featured in a Channel 4 (UK) documentary called “The Making of Me”, broadcast in February 2019. This documentary was filmed over a 3-year period and detailed her own personal gender transition and its impact on those around her.

Joanne lives by the mantra of “Smile, Engage and Educate” in order to promote awareness and understanding to overcome people’s fear of getting it wrong, because the world isn’t only black and white!

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90 – Mark Hill MBE – Keep Going You’ll Get There Eventually

We talk about:

💬 The Army giving him the passion to learn languages.

💬 Moving house 19 times in 24 years.

💬 And his accidental STEM activity in Iraq that led to saving lives.

Mark joined the British Army at the age of 17, with 30 years’ Regular and Reserve service as a modern day Sergeant Major. He is passionate about developing his soldiers to be their best.

He’s had some fantastic opportunities, travelling the world, and learning to speak Arabic. He was awarded two operational commendations for distinguished service, and for exceptionally valuable service in support of operations. Being presented with an MBE by Her Majesty the Queen has been the highlight of his career.

He is now the Army’s Community Youth Engagement Officer within the North East and Yorkshire, inspiring others.

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91 – Alan Green – Life Through A Lens

We talk about:

💬 The influence parents can have on career decisions.

💬 The importance of a mentor in getting started with his photography business.

💬 And how some photos of drag racing and polar bears led to him doing weddings!

Alan is a keen professional photographer, living near Newcastle upon Tyne. He started taking photographs at a young age and continues to love photography as his main hobby. Alan’s aim is quite simply to produce the very best quality images, whatever the subject.

He feels very privileged to have been brought up in a loving family and to have a wonderful wife and 2 grown sons.

Although nicknamed “Grumpy” by his immediate family, he maintains a wacky sense of humour and loves to have a good laugh!! (One of his “other” hobbies!).

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