Overcoming Perfectionism To Keep Things Moving

When Michelle and I record a podcast, we have always been perfectionists.

We bought our own gear, top notch microphones, headphones and a set-up to make a quality podcast. And we love getting on the road or inviting our guests to speak at Inspiration North HQ.

We take pride in being able to do this in person as it builds rapport quickly, there is a very natural conversation, and gives very decent sound (if we do say so ourselves, but let’s face it – we aren’t sound engineers!) Then we spend time editing it to produce the most professional sound possible.

We’ve managed to keep face-to-face podcast recordings going and have released one every Monday since January 7th 2019. No small task.

So why do I mention perfectionism?

The word always makes me chuckle. It’s like the BS answer to give in an interview when asked “what is your weakness?” and the reply of “Oh I’m a perfectionist!” Cue yawn, followed by eye roll.

Really, this means that we set very high standards and feel that what we do must be more than good enough.

Enter the virus. And the lockdown for who knows how long.

Once through our bank of recorded podcasts, we had to come up with a solution. The cupboard was bare and we had committed to our listeners to a podcast every Monday!

We had put off recording online podcasts. After all, would this be good enough? Could we accept such a poor standard of sound? But we love meeting people would we manage not doing this?!

Rather than dwell on it for long, we took the leap of faith and got a couple recorded online, edited and released.

There may be a bit more echo, the sound may distort in places due to the varying quality of internet connections, but really, they are better than we expected.

As our motto goes: Done is better than perfect.

We’ve also done the same for our events. We love getting people together in a room, sharing stories and experiences, learning together and having a good time.

Again, we hadn’t done this online as we likely didn’t feel we’d have the same connection or impact.

In reality, our Inspiration North Meetups, Happy Cafes and truNewcastle events have brought many more people together than would have been the case previously.

New connections, entertaining and insightful discussions and more reach. We’ve met more people and from further afield than we had prior to lockdown.

The lessons and reminders for us from this?

· What can seem daunting and out of the comfort zone, no longer is once you have given it a go.

· Good enough is better than doing nothing.

· In a time when we are more isolated, we can still create warm, authentic human connection via online channels.

All this and more. All from just deciding to give things a go and try a different way to deliver and it’s amazing what can come from this.

Check out our latest podcast by searching for “Inspiration North” in your favourite podcast player or get started at our website:

If you fancy joining one of our future events (which are online for the foreseeable future) check out the latest ones here:

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