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I often joke that people do not get out of a conversation with me without a book recommendation or two. People ask me how I get through so many books… I bloody love learning stuff. It’s my most favourite way to procrastinate. I consume books in a number of different ways… Kindle, actual book and Audible. I love Audible, it’s a way of preventing doing the dishes, having a shower or driving anywhere from being ‘dead time’. I am using the time to learn, grow, expand my mind and change my world view!

So, I thought I would drop a quick top 5 of books that I love to read/listen to (in no particular order) and are the most recommended to others:

1. Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende. I am currently on listen number 3 on Audible and have just checked my amazon account and I have bought 4 so far and given them all away. I want one I can keep and make notes in, so will order a couple more (just in case!) I love this book as it is a rallying cry for rebellious people who are fed up with the general dickishness (I realise that is not a word!) of modern businesses and employers and want to do better, do good and make the world a better place in their own way. He gives people confidence to be different, be braver, not be afraid to take on the ‘big boys’, be more innovative, weaponise your story and essentially be more pirate. My favourite line in this book goes something along the lines of… “rebel, rewrite, reorganise, redistribute, retell, the 5 Arrrrrrs!” Makes me giggle like an idiot every time.

If you happen to be around Newcastle on the 7th Feb (2019, if you’re reading this in the future) google be more Pirate Newcastle and grab your tickets to come and see Sam speak! I just contacted him on Instagram, asked him to come visit, then organised it and made it happen! I’m not sure I would have been brave enough without having devoured the below books…

2. Playing Big by Tara Mohr. I was introduced to Tara’s book by my brilliant Psychology Practice Accelerator Coach, Wendy Kendall. She really unpicks the things that are stopping women playing bigger and leads us through processes to unhook from criticism and praise. Her thoughts on hiding strategies have been typed up and pinned to my wall – I have used it so much for coaching clients and friends.

When I received an email from Tara about her Playing Big course I actually cried like a baby. I hate waste and seeing talented, brilliant humans settling for less and not living up to their potential. It makes me so sad. So, needless to say I’m currently learning from her and how to use her tools and techniques to add to my armoury of weapons to help people transform their lives.

3. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone. What can I say about GC? He’s a massively welcome change from most business-focused books. He is a breath of fresh air and listening to him read this book on Audible is the oral equivalent of a shot of espresso to your brain. It’s difficult not to be energised by his no-BS approach to business (and life!) success. He talks so much sense and has made me believe that success is entirely in my hands and in my ability to sell stuff! Love him and this book, more so after I spent a weekend at his 10X UK Tour at the end of 2018 – so flipping fun, and super motivating!! Grant’s business model is really interesting too… he’s doing so much social good… giving so much away for free, inspiring others, raising aspirations. He probably wouldn’t love being described as a social entrepreneur – he’s a proper Pirate!

4. Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. I am a firm believer that this book should be read by every human, especially those who have the privilege to lead other people. Brené models the behaviour she wants to see in the people around her. Based on her ground-breaking research, she gives us permission to be messy, be vulnerable, be not perfect! She is not afraid to be wrong, to deal with the bad stuff, in fact most of what is wrong in society can be helped with wider adoption of the learning in this book. We, as humans, have so much to learn from her work.

Photo: Brené Brown's favorite quote.

5. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. This book helped me loads in early 2018 and I have recommended it to so many people. It’s like the slightly more tough-love and massively sweary companion to Tara Mohr’s Playing Big. I love the strapline… how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. The audible book needs to be listened to with absolute caution around children mind… my 9-year-old wandered into the kitchen when Jen was using some pretty fruity language.

Jen introduced me to the concept of abundance, faith that “the universe” will provide and the law of attraction in a “non-candles and sandals” way and I regularly use loads of her teachings… including getting really excited and grateful that I have the perfect parking space before it actually exists… it totally works!!

These books are all so different and one of my most favourite fantasies would be to host a dinner party and invite all these authors… what a dinner party that would be. I wonder what that would be like! Who knows…? I could totally make it happen!!

What are your favourite inspirational books? What do I need to read / listen to next?

*Massive disclaimer… I love these books and think you would love them too… the links I have included are amazon affiliate links so if you click on them and buy these books I receive a teeny financial reward (to buy more books!!)*

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