I failed…and I don’t mind admitting it.

Yes, that’s right. Laying it out there.

Social media has far too many “positive vibes only”, “look at me and my success” type of posts.

It is hard to be exposed to that every day and not feel inferior or to compare in some way.

So, I thought I’d put out a dose of measured reality and realness.

I’ve been posting about our latest One Million Steps Challenge that starts on 1st May 2021. It’s 1 million steps (about 500 miles) over 100 days. So, about 10,000 steps or 5 miles per day.

This will be my 5th challenge.

The first 3, I managed to hit target and get to the Million steps mark by day 100. I’ve even raised money for good causes.

However, the last challenge that recently finished, I fell well short of this goal.

I got to 637,000 steps in 100 days.

So, technically I failed. I missed the mark.

My start to the year has involved lots going on. And I just haven’t got out and about as much as I needed to get to 10,000 steps each day.

However, this daily accountability and target still pushed me to do a little bit more. Without it, I imagine I’d have been below 500,000 steps.

I like the quote that failure is an event not a person (attributed to Zig Ziglar).

In this instance, I didn’t quite get there.

How often do you say that about something in work/life in general? Today is a new day and new opportunities are out there to go again.

I am now very motivated to rise to this next challenge.

The competition is with myself and my previous version. I could do with losing some weight too as I am in a pre-diabetic state. Plus, I am raising money for the charity Team Evie.

In March, I was honoured to be invited to become a patron for the charity; created in the memory of Evie Johnston. Their mission is to help sick children and their families who face similar challenges to those Evie faced in her all too short life. They support 20 different wards and medical teams across the North East and Cumbria by raising funds for vital equipment and training.

Lots of reasons for me to make this challenge a success.

So, if you are thinking about signing up, and concerned about the one million mark, just give it a go.

As always, the person that is taking action and getting moving is doing more than the armchair quarterback, that is doing nothing.

Sign up now and get your special discount code for just £5.99 vs the usual rate of £15 for the app package.

You get your own dedicated fundraising page and use of the One Million Steps app (connecting to your steps either through Google Fit, Apple Health or input directly into the OMS app). The link for the discount code is on the Team Evie website here.

Or give me a shout if you’d like to chat this through at all on


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