Christmas in Lockdown Tier 3

“Twas the weeks before Christmas, lockdown tier 3.

Would our spirits be dampened? Not you, not me, not we!

Lights and trees up early, Christmas coffees sipped.

Hoping for positive news that Covid cases dipped.

If Granny can’t come for Christmas, what will Santa do?

He’s an old man, should he be self-isolating too?

We’ll call and FaceTime Granny and send a box of chocs.

Santa? No problem. He’s as clever as a fox!

If Rudolph has a red nose, does he have Covid too?

Maybe best he stays at home, even if it’s just the flu.

Today marks 5 years since 2020 started.

As much as we’ve liked meeting you, it’s time now that we parted.

The uncertainty, upheaval and great amounts of stress.

Will all have made us stronger for when we leave this mess.

So, reflect on all the gifts that can’t be put under the tree.

Gratitude, helping others and kindness are the gifts to a happier me.”

Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.


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