Celebrating a big milestone of 100 Inspiration North podcasts

Who would have thought it...episode 100 has arrived!

Where did that time go?

Since January 7th 2019, come rain or shine, illness, or travelling, we have launched an episode every Monday without fail.

I met Michelle at a LinkedIn Local networking event in 2018 and we quickly became friends.

I casually mentioned that I had always fancied being on the radio or having a podcast. And in true Michelle style, she got the ball rolling.

This started out as one of those fun, side ventures for the weekend.

With time, we added in events like our monthly meet-up and Action for Happiness related courses, Happy Cafes and 10 Keys to Happier Living events. In the coming months we have more work to do and programmes will be added to the mix.

But I wanted to take a few moments, sat here with a coffee and reflect on this journey so far.

Across those 100 episodes we have interviewed 107 guests (not including the brilliant children in episode 29 at the PIE Project award ceremony!)

We have listeners across 76 countries.

Our guests are people from the North East of England, people who have relocated to the North East, or provide inspiration from further afield.

We started the podcast as we knew lots of really interesting people with inspiring stories. We thought “what if we could share these with the world?”

We all need people to learn from, to inspire us and to give us some energy and food for thought about our own lives. Particularly where we are with the world experiencing our 2nd lockdown as I write this.

We always took pride in recording our podcasts face-to-face. Then Covid-19 threw a spanner in the works. Rather than stop there, we took to recording these online. Have to be adaptable in life, right?

This was something we were concerned about for the sound quality, but really, it’s good enough!

Recording the last 30 episodes this way has allowed us to:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint – as we aren’t driving to meet people in person!

  • Be more productive with our time.

  • Speak to interesting guests from further afield – including Egypt, India and Australia!

One thing I absolutely love about hearing our guests’ stories, is that you never know what you’re going to hear, or the twists and turns that they have experienced.

You think you know someone from who they are today and on social media and then their story throws out lots of gems and surprises!

An important lesson I often remind myself.

All of these guests have struggled, had life changing events, and tough times.

The difference was that they have kept going, kept searching, until they found something they believed in, were passionate about and wanted to put their efforts into.

And I’d hazard a guess that most guests would even say they are still figuring things out.

So, if you find yourself in a funk, or unsure about what that ‘thing’ is for you, keep searching, read inspiring stories, listen to some of our podcasts, get out to meet more people (or on Zoom in lockdown!), and see how you can support local charities and community groups.

Use this as rocket fuel to start exploring some options.

Here’s to the next 100 episodes. And thank you again to Lisa Shaw from BBC Radio Newcastle for being our special guest for episode 100. I would never have imagined in my 20s that in the future I would be interviewing a local radio hero.

It just shows what can happen when you have a go at something.


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