Bringing STEM and Enterprise Skills to Primary Schools

In the small world that we live in, when we interviewed Chris Beevers for the Inspiration North Podcast, he talked of his work as Trustee at the PIE Project charity.

Founded by Ammar Mirza CBE, with Sir John Hall as patron and Bill Midgley OBE as President.

It sounded great. So, I signed up to be a PIE’oneer.

As we recently launched phase 1 of the next challenge it got me reflecting on my experiences and the awards ceremony in July.

What really astounded me and the other adults in the room was what superb entrepreneurs that stood before us aged between 7 and 10 years old.

Some of the common themes that they identified as contributing to their success:

- Teamwork.

- Individuals were assigned roles linked to their strengths.

- Having the mindset to overcome challenges and having persistence to solve problems.

- Improving processes during product testing and production.

- The importance of market research, knowing your customer and the best way to market to each target.

- How to effectively present key messages in front of an audience.

We often see articles and reports from the likes of Gallup and Harvard Business Review on exactly such topics. Here we were listening to the same lessons learned from Year 5 classes.

Isn’t it fantastic that the next generation will already embrace these principles as a foundation for best practice and successful organisations? Be it their own business or as part of another entity.

My particular favourite story was from Diamond Hall Junior Academy. They described the production of their bespoke cat, dog and unicorn bookmarks. All of the blue glitter had been used up and the goggly eyes were running out faster than expected.

Their solution?

Create a role for a Production Supervisor that would ensure optimum use of materials, with efficient processes and limited waste!

They really impressed me, and I’m pleased to say they won 2nd prize of £1,000 to spend on their school. They achieved this by turning £27 of their £100 loan from the charity into £310 of profit.

Michelle and I managed to interview some of the children from all finalists to share their experiences.

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I really enjoyed my experience with Diamond Hall Junior Academy during the PIE Challenge and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to spend some time supporting the next generation.

If you’re a primary school or academy interested in taking part, or would like to volunteer, shoot me a message on and I’d be happy to make the right introductions to get the process started.

Read about the PIE Challenge here

Or contact the team at the PIE project directly on


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