Bonjour #FrenchFriday

This Friday is the launch of something new that, being very honest, is a stretch of my comfort zone. Good timing to link to Paul Lancaster’s #StartSomethingNew hashtag too.

If you’ve been following the journey of Inspiration North, Michelle and I have launched a podcast every Monday, without fail, since the 7th January 2019.

A collection of inspiring stories from inspirational people who found their passion. There’s a lot ahead in the next few months so stay tuned...

The next step?

Launching the podcast in French! Useless info for the day. Podcast in French is “Le podcast!”

So why French?

You may not know that after university, I started my career in France, in a town on the west coast called La Rochelle. Well worth a visit.

I worked in an estate agency managing a rental portfolio of several hundred apartments. This was diving in at le deep end. Understandably we didn’t learn phrases at school such as “my boiler is leaking,” “my key fob for the garage isn’t working,” or “I blew up the microwave!”

I rather felt like the village idiot before I built up more vocabulary.

But working 80 hours per week while speaking French has a profound effect on your language level and confidence.

I left France in 2005 to pursue an MBA in Sweden, but I have always felt like France is like my second home.

And language learning has brought such a variety of rich experiences and new connections that I would never have had were it not for being inspired to learn French at a young age.

So, with that said...

Bienvenue à l’Inspiration North Podcast.

Whether you are French, learning French or just like the sound of it...please let anyone know that might be interested. Search “L’Inspiration North” in your favourite podcast player. I aim to release one episode each month.

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🎧 Appearing on more apps soon.

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If you prefer English, these will continue every Monday!

Merci beaucoup!


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