An Evening with The England Rugby Coach - Eddie Jones

After watching the Falcons see off Coventry 46-7 at the weekend, James had the good fortune to be at the after-match event with Eddie Jones – England Rugby Coach.

This was a behind closed doors discussion and intro to his autobiography “My Life and Rugby.”

Note: This isn’t an advert and we’re not affiliated in any way. But we may eventually get him on the podcast! 😉

Some interesting points:

💡 No one has ever beaten the All Blacks in a World Cup and gone on to win the tournament.

💡 He has been an outsider wherever he has coached and decided to use this as an advantage.

💡 He selected an England squad for diversity. Not just players who have come through the ‘right’ schools.

💡 England used a sports psychologist specialising in trauma to air the demons of the 2015 World Cup.

Some amusing highlights:

🏉 “If Jonny Wilkinson hadn’t dropped that goal to win the 2003 World Cup, it would be Sir Eddie Jones not Sir Clive Woodward!”

🏉 His 93-year old Mum points out if he hasn’t shaved on a TV interview and asked why England didn’t win the World Cup!

🏉 He cut a kiwi fruit in half with a Samurai sword in front of the team before the game against NZ.

His Principles for Being a Champion:

🏆 Never settle for less than the best.

🏆 Build great relationships and cohesion between staff and players.

🏆 Build trust – respecting individuality.

🏆 Have tactical clarity.

🏆 Be tough and love competition.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable evening, so thanks to The Newcastle Falcons for hosting this event.

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