2-Year Anniversary of the Inspiration North Podcast

So, today is the day. The 7th of January 2021 marks two years since Michelle and I set up the Inspiration North podcast.

It’s funny looking back in that when we first started and we reached double figures of episodes, it seemed like such a big number at the time. And we wondered if we would ever have enough guests! But we always had a flow of people with great stories to share and we are now booked up many weeks in advance now.

Since then, we have launched 109 episodes, with 115 guests, and listeners across 77 countries.

We have never failed to launch an episode every Monday since January 7th 2019. We’ve had lockdowns, illness, holidays, cancellations of recordings, moving from face-to-face recording to online, but we have always found a way to launch an episode.

I’d estimate that for 109 podcasts we have probably spent the best part of 1,000 hours in all that it takes for travelling (when face to face), recording, editing, chatting with guests, promoting them etc.

Guests fall into 3 categories. They are mostly local to the north east of England, or they have relocated to live here. Plus, we have some guests from further afield in the UK, and as far away as countries like Egypt, India and Australia.

If you don’t know the premise behind the podcast it’s about inspiring stories from inspirational people and how they found their passion – their true north.

Why is this useful? Well, you might see someone on social media or at an event and see their successes. But where did they come from? What happened earlier in their lives before this success and realisation of their potential? What challenges, turning points and epiphanies have they had?

We find that we can all relate to such stories. We might find ourselves in a similar position and see that if this podcast guest could overcome the same situation, then this has given some inspiration and a jolt of momentum to do something about it and to keep going.

We both get a huge amount of learning from each guest and feel very lucky to have spoken to so many people and soak up their wisdom.

We will be launching our first book in the coming weeks, which compiles the advice our first 100 podcast guests would give to their 18-year-old selves. Some real gems and advice to take to heart, reflect on and put to work.

With Michelle being a Chartered Business Psychologist, it was always the idea that we would do something useful with this bank of data that we have gathered while podcasting.

In 2020, we worked with a great team of Occupational Psychology Masters students from the University of East London to perform a thematic analysis of 15 of our podcasts and look into how the guests found happiness on their journeys. They did a superb job and provided some quality insight and market research which will form the basis of our upcoming courses and programmes.

Watch out for the launch of our 21 Days to Happiness Course in January 2021 and future Inspiration North programmes! We have also been doing some 1-2-1 coaching with clients to help them through transitional periods in their lives. More on this in the weeks ahead but do send us a message if this sounds of interest -

We have always wanted to use the latest research of our own, plus from leading positive psychologists and a variety of sources to ensure that what you are getting is something that has proven science to it and helps you get results.

Our mission after all is to help people create happier, more fulfilling lives, and as 2021 unravels you will begin to see more ways as to how we can help you do this.

If you want to get started, have a listen to our podcast reflecting on our lowlights and highlights of 2020, and our lessons learned. Here is the link or search for the Inspiration North Podcast in your favourite podcast player. Or listen directly from this blog in the YouTube video below.

If you are feeling more isolated in lockdown too, join us at our next Happy Café. It’s not sandals and candles, but a good bunch of people chatting, sharing experiences and discussing proactive actions to be happier and more socially connected. It’s a donation-based event to make it inclusive for all and all proceeds go to the Action for Happiness charity. We volunteer our time for them. Sign up here.

Thank you for being part of our journey, and we are very excited about all the things that are ahead in 2021.

Imagine, all this started with me saying I always fancied being on the radio or having a podcast. What could you start today from a simple idea and make it happen? Where could that take you to?

Let us know once you get started!


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