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We don't just do podcasts. We also do events!

Inspiration North Meetup

We hold a monthly Inspiration North Meetup (was called #LinkedInLocal  Newcastle) on the first Thursday of each month!

This meetup involves taking your online community offline, to unite people from all walks of life, to genuinely get to know the humans behind the online profiles, and connect beyond the job titles, business cards and company names. There are no sales pitches, rather we are here to network in person to meet people for no other reason than getting to know them on a truly personal level, and letting them get to know you, to inspire, motivate and grow together.

Newcastle Happy Cafe​


We are looking for both happiness seekers and happiness spreaders to join us for the Action for Happiness Newcastle Happy Cafe. We want to co-create a fun, kind and happy community.


We will be hosting the Happy Cafe at The Journey Cafe, which will take place on the first Saturday of each month.

Exploring What Matters​


We will be bringing the Action For Happiness, Exploring What Matters Course to Newcastle starting in January 2020

We discuss what happiness is and how you can bring more of it into your life!