We don't just do podcasts. We also do events!

During the Coronavirus Pandemic we will be running our events online. 

Inspiration North Meetup

Inspire, motivate and grow while getting to know other people

Action For Happiness

Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind.

Tap into great content from this charity's movement for a happier and kinder world


Join us for a variety of events in partnership with others

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Inspiration North Meetup

A series of offline and online events to:

  • Unite people from all walks of life

  • Get to know the humans behind the online profiles

  • Connect beyond job titles, business cards and company names

No Sales Pitches!

Get to know people on a truly

personal level as we inspire,

motivate and grow together

Action for Happiness

Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind


We volunteer for the charity

Action for Happiness and build their great content into our events

Newcastle Happy Cafe

We are looking for happiness seekers and happiness spreaders to co-create a fun, kind and happy community

Currently online but normally held at The Journey Cafe

Exploring What Matters

An 8-week course based in science that helps you to:

  • Meet like-minded people

  • Learn from the experts

  • Take small weekly actions

Recent participants scored:

  •  +21% in life satisfaction

  • +14% in mental wellbeing


We work with our sister company Insights Business Psychology and a variety of partners to bring people together for topics ranging from HR, Recruitment, Mental Wellbeing and Personal Development.