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Define your own success and create a life full of meaning, purpose and joy through individual coaching.




Being ambitious but not feeling fulfilled from work and life.


Life just feels like groundhog day with little to look forward to.


No clarity about who you are and what the future looks like.


Overwhelmed and feeling the mental and physical effects.


Being ambitious but not feeling a deeper meaning from life.


Considering options for the future but unsure about next steps.


You're grateful for what you have but still don't regularly feel happy.


Have a mental fog and lack the energy to do more than the day to day.




A clearer sense of who the authentic you is; your values, strengths, motivations and drivers.


A sense of purpose and meaning in your life.


A renewed energy and optimism about your future.


Greater belief in yourself with more resilience to cope with the inner critic and challenges that life can throw your way.


Feel empowered on your journey, and in your decision making with us, your accountability partners invested in your success.

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If you are reading this, you may have reached a point of regularly noticing thoughts, feelings and signs that there must be more to your life. This is perfectly natural to feel like this. Everyone has this (even if they don't show it!). We can use these emotions as the starting point for change. We have both been in your shoes and understand the doubts and fear that accompany the desire of wanting more but what might happen if we go after that. Just as we have our own coaches to support us with our next level of growth and development, we are here to support you on yours. Set up a call with us to see if coaching is right for you, and if we are the right coaches for you.

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Coaching via Zoom to fit in with your schedule wherever you are in the world.

Bi-weekly calls - giving time for self-reflection and using tools.

A Welcome Pack of goodies including a journal, books/audiobooks, stationery

Co-Coaching and individual sessions with James & Michelle.

Resources bespoke to your journey.

Access to us both in between sessions.


21 Days to Happiness Online Course

  • A downloadable meditation exercise for you to use.

  • Our 21 Days to Happiness Workbook for you to download and print off / complete on your computer.

  • Further happiness resources!

  • Daily exercises that build your happiness muscles. 



We have a varied list of clients and coach both men and women. You may be a few years into your career, well-established in a senior leadership role or stepping into starting your own business. You have reached a point of needing to change something and want external support to help make this happen. We commonly see the same key challenges recurring with clients.


There is a mental fog as to who you are, and you lack clarity as to what is next in life. You reconnect with understanding who you are; your values, strengths and drivers. Uncovering a purpose and calling, and then aligning these with key goals and milestones.


This may present itself as the inner critic and inner story of not being good enough to go further and higher. We work with, not against, your inner thoughts, uncover strengths and how these are aimed at improved performance.


Often the result of our work with clients may lead you to a change in direction career-wise. A step up, a lateral move, or something totally new. Building on identity, purpose and strengths, we figure out what that looks like for you and how to make it happen.



Each coaching programme is tailored to you and your individual needs. Typically, clients work with us for 6 sessions over 3 months to create meaningful change, with bi-weekly coaching and accountability calls. You can work individually with James (from £1,250) or Michelle (from £2,000). We can also discuss longer timeframes, payment plans and working with both coaches.




Get to know us better.
See where you want to go.
See if we are right for you.


Build a tailored plan together to achieve your goals, understand timelines, investment & details.


Courage, confidence and clarity to go after your definition of success, with us for accountability.



James Eves and Michelle Minnikin are the Co-Founders of Inspiration North and will be your dedicated coaches.
We really enjoy co-coaching with clients, not just for the energy we get from connecting with and helping others, but also because we bring different backgrounds, experiences and wisdom to support you on your coaching journey.
We offer one-to-one coaching with one coach or co-coaching with James and Michelle if you prefer this option.



James is a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach. His role in Inspiration North is Managing Director; he is happiest when he is developing close relationships with and connecting people, planning exciting new projects for the future and facilitating positive change in his clients. 

He is great at spotting the potential in others, helping them learn new things and he gets excited when exploring opportunities and brainstorming options. Working with James is transformative, he has a knack for putting people at ease and building deep rapport, his calm positivity and gift for collaboration shines through in all his interactions. 

He speaks 3 languages, has an MBA and brings 18 years of experience working across 3 continents. He has started multiple businesses, supported other entrepreneurs, and been in the big corporate world across the real estate, construction, manufacturing and training sectors.  With all his experience of change, uncomfortable situations and learning jobs in other languages, he is comfortable with being in uncomfortable situations.

In James’s coaching business – Zira Life, he helps his clients discover and develop their talents to give them the clarity and confidence to perform at their best through strengths-based coaching. 

He gets energy from seeing people grow and develop.


Michelle is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist and Coach. Her role in Inspiration North is Delivery Director; she is happiest when she is creating courses, programmes, webinars and facilitating positive change in her clients. 

She is great at spotting the unique strengths in the people around her and championing them to put them into action. She loves to meet new people, connect humans, create communities, understand and get to know people well. Working with Michelle is fun, she is great at creating a safe place for humans to explore. She is curious, playful, sensitive, intuitive and has a deep understanding of positive psychology and personal development. 

Michelle is passionate about the science of work and careers. After a corporate career in psychology, resourcing, career coaching & employee development across the public and private sectors, she became self-employed in 2016. 

In her other business, Michelle is the Captain of Work Pirates, collaborating with other people professionals to help organisations solve their people problems. She loves designing and running leadership development programmes and supporting her clients to get the foundations in place to hire and retain awesome humans. 

Helping people positively transform their lives is the most rewarding part of her job.



Of all the people I have ever met, Michelle has helped me the most with my career. She is very knowledgeable and has loads of contacts (she will definitely know who you need to talk to), but what I like the most is the fact that Michelle is very approachable and easy to talk to, my sessions with her were genuinely fun and I always looked forward to them. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to grow as a person or in their career.

Becca Brighty - Business Psychologist and Business Coach - UK

I've had the pleasure of seeing James find what he's born to do and that is to coach! When I found out he was qualifying as a Gallup Strengths Coach I jumped at the opportunity to work with him. Having worked with a Gallup Strengths Coach before you might ask yourself, why do it again? I wanted to work with James specifically because of his invaluable array of previous experience in Sales. It was all well and good knowing what makes me tick but I wanted to know how I could tangibly apply this to my business and turn my Strengths into Sales! James did just that and more! I wouldn't hesitate to be coached by him again!

Alexandra Galviz (Authentic Alex) - LinkedIn Top Voice UK, International Keynote Storyteller, LinkedIn Thought Leadership Coach - Germany

Michelle has made an enormous difference to my self belief and helped me to gain personal clarity regarding what success looks like for me and my next career steps. She is a fantastic coach and mentor, who brings a contagious energy and genuine kindness to her sessions. Michelle will always go above and beyond to ensure that she delivers and is providing you with the best support and advice possible - from the small things such as recommending a good motivational book or reflection technique, to using psychometrics to help you identify your strengths and blind spots, and connecting you with like minded individuals and opportunities. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to Michelle and to engage with one of her coaching programmes.

Emily Kimpton - Client Success Executive at Cappfinity - UK

James spent time running through my career history and various responsibilities, before showing how accurate my Gallup Strength results were based on my experience. He passionately explained how the different strength categories could dovetail, providing positive self-reflection that helped explain why I perform consistently in particular areas. James' thorough approach left no stone unturned and he was able to give real life examples that I could identify with, to show how I might prioritise my social life or domestic tasks, based on the outcome of my results. James has definitely helped show me what other direction my professional life could take, using the main strengths identified as a foundation to build upon. I highly recommend getting in touch with James if you're at a crossroads or stumbling block in your career.

Steve Wheeler - Commercial Manager at U.K. Ministry of Defence - Saudi Arabia

Michelle supported me when I was in the process of making a challenging career decision and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Michelle is simply an amazing human and one of the most inspirational, authentic, genuine, kind and generous psychologists I know. She is an excellent coach and mentor who genuinely cares about her clients and empowers them to grow in confidence and self-belief. She is fun, warm-hearted, creative, always learning and has a book recommendation for everything!

Michelle is also a connector and community builder. She brings people together, enabling collaboration, learning and growth. In addition to working directly with Michelle, she also came in to Kingston Business School to facilitate a session for our MSc Occupational and Business Psychology cohorts. Students were so inspired by Michelle, her content, positivity, energy and vitality. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for a coach, mentor or speaker and I look forward to continuing to work with and collaborate with Michelle in the future.

Taslim Tharani - Organisational & Coaching Psychologist - UK



Your investment in coaching is a very powerful step and proactive action in creating change in your life. On your personal journey, it is important to choose the right coaches that have not just the right experience and abilities, but also that connection and bond with you. If you would like to see if individual coaching is for you and if we are a good fit for you, book in a free discovery call.

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