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Learn how to live a life full of meaning, purpose and joy



Happiness is so important! What else is there?

  • Have you had a difficult year?

  • Are you feeling the effects of burnout?

  • Do you struggle to prioritise your own self-care?

We get it, we're all struggling with the state of the world at the moment. Fatigue from not being able to see friends and family and not being able to make any plans! Nevermind all the juggling we are doing.

This is why we have developed our 21 Days to Happiness online course to help you to put a little time aside to focus on your happiness.



Expert guidance on how you can create more happiness in your life, in just 21 days.

An understanding of what happiness is and how it's a skill that can be learned.

How you can take small daily actions to help you create a happier, more fulfilling life.

It will take about an hour to go through the course, but you can do shorter chunks and come back when you need to.


"Happiness is the joy we feel striving after our potential."

Shawn Achor



  • A downloadable meditation exercise for you to use.

  • Our 21 Days to Happiness Workbook for you to download and print off / complete on your computer.

  • Further happiness resources!

  • You won't get happy just doing this course. You will have to commit to doing small daily exercises that build your happiness muscles. 



1. Welcome to the 21 Days to Happiness online course!

  • A message from your instructors - James & Michelle​

  • Before we begin...

  • And relaaxx...

2. Lets' get started!

  • Why is happiness important?​

  • What is happiness?

  • How can I create a happier, more fulfilling life?

3. Next Steps...

  • More resources for you​

  • Before you go...

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Simple steps to improved happiness & wellbeing

If you are a people professional, senior leader or business owner that is interested in the wellbeing of your employees, we have developed an offering for organisations that includes an online course, team workshops and resources. Backed by research in positive psychology, our programme supports improved happiness and wellbeing over 21 days.

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James Eves & Michelle Minnikin are the Co-Founders of Inspiration North.

​James is a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach with a career spanning many continents and sectors. He gets energy from seeing people grow and develop.

​Michelle is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist and Coach. Helping people positively transform their lives is the most rewarding part of her job.

After being volunteers for the charity Action for Happiness, for 2 years, delivering their Exploring What Matters course, and running the Newcastle 10 Keys Group, we have embarked on a journey to learn all about positive psychology and the science of happiness.

Building on research we commissioned with the University of East London, looking at how our podcast guests have found their passion, we are excited about bringing our learning to the world. 

We hope you enjoy the course!



"Inspiration North’s 21 Days to Happiness course is wonderful for burnout and having a safe space to explore happiness, but in an authentic way.”

Rebecca Deller

"When James and Michelle asked if I would write a testimonial for them I didn’t hesitate to say yes! Since joining their Happy Café and Ten Keys group my life has been happier. I have also made new friends who inspire me, learnt to build my resilience and have more fun by carrying out their suggested daily tasks in their 21 Day Happiness Journal. In my review of 2020 joining their group was on my list of what was better than 2019."

Liz Cook

"I loved this programme!
Simple, understandable, do-able.  As long as you have the mind to properly give it a go and are prepared to spend only a few minutes each day actively practising, then I am confident that you too will feel happier by the end.  
I would highly recommend it to individuals and also any companies interested in the wellbeing of their employees."

Paul Cheetham

“I’ve recently completed Inspiration North’s 21 Days to Happiness self-led course which is another great way to remind yourself of the small daily habits and practices that you can introduce into your life to help bring gratitude and peaceful contentment. A set of videos explain some of the key things a happy person will generally do and the worksheet gives you the space to do them yourself over the period. I now have a daily routine journaling in the book for just a few minutes, it’s time I look forward to and helps to re-set my mood for the day ahead.”

Helen Simmons

I had the good fortune to meet James Eves and Michelle Minnikin some time ago, through their amazing work in the North East and beyond. I wholeheartedly recommend their Happy Café Meetings and 21 Days To Happiness Course.

The Happy Cafes became online meetings due to “social distancing” and despite not being face-to-face for now, the benefits that attendees take from the meetings is quite amazing. Aside from making new friends, we always have a good laugh and we’re in a very relaxed and supportive environment. People are under no pressure to speak or share but that tends to happens naturally, as the group is encouraged and run in such a friendly and motivating way by the wonderful hosts.

The 21 Days To Happiness Course is well written and beautifully presented. It’s a fabulous way to encourage us to recognise, and focus more, upon the things we should celebrate in everyday life. I found the course very straightforward and easy to follow and it helped me appreciate the people and the things around me, which can be far too easily overlooked.

I’d like to add that whenever the opportunity arises, I am always keen to tell people about the amazing work James & Michelle do, including their brilliantly relaxed podcasts and everything that happens through Inspiration North.

Alan Green

"I want to commend James and Michelle, the creators of Inspiration North, first of all for all of the amazing work that they do in bringing us their podcasts. The world needs this more than ever.

Now they have also created an uplifting course for boosting our happiness, which I can’t recommend highly enough. The core components of the course are crucial cornerstones to building a solid life of true happiness.

Thank you for spreading the happiness to me too."

Annie Gibson-Harrison