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Define your own success.

Learn how to live a life full of meaning, purpose and joy.

Next Programme starts on 13th September 2021.



These days, there are so many toxic messages around us about what success looks like, telling us how many figures we should be earning, what titles we should hold, what jobs we should be in, and how grateful we should be for all that. Living other people's ideas of success can leave us 'Living in the Land of Meh.' 

You don't have to get to rock bottom to decide you want to find your true north. 

We help you find, and then take, simple steps to a life of inspiration, purpose and joy. 

Success is simple when it's lived on your terms. 



An online course to fit in with your schedule wherever you are in the world.

Weekly group Zoom calls to discuss the week's exercises, your self-reflection and share any successes.

A Welcome Pack of goodies including a journal, books/audiobooks, & stationery.

Be part of a community of fellow travellers on the same journey for support and accountability.

Lifetime access to all resources and the community.

1 hour 1-2-1 coaching session with Michelle via Zoom in month 1.

Your Gallup Clifton Strengths assessment and a 90 minute strengths coaching 1-2-1 session with James via Zoom (month 2).

1 hour co-coaching session with James & Michelle via Zoom (month 3).

To support your learning experience you will have access to our learning hub, full of resources and materials.

Access to monthly guest masterclasses.

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21 Days to Happiness Online Course

  • A downloadable meditation exercise for you to use.

  • Our 21 Days to Happiness Workbook for you to download and print off / complete on your computer.

  • Further happiness resources!

  • Daily exercises that build your happiness muscles. 



You may be a few years into, or well established in your career, seeking inspiration following a long period of time outside of the world of work, or wanting to move in a new direction. Our programme will support you on this journey.


You may feel lost and directionless in life and want to reconnect with who you are deep down, gain clarity as to what success looks like on your terms and what this means for your path.


You've thought about things for long enough. Rather than have another year go by, you now want to be proactive and take action towards creating a life of purpose and joy.


You are ready to take action but are either unsure where to start, or would like to go on this journey with the support of experienced facilitators and a community on the same path.



You want to set better boundaries and be kinder to yourself.

You feel a strong calling to help people.

You want to play bigger in your life.

You want more meaning in your life and want to give more back.

You want to explore more about yourself and use your natural resources to their full.

You don’t necessarily want to give up your day job - but you want more out of life.

You’re willing to put the effort in, to get involved in the community and do the work.

You want to define your own success.



You believe in profit
over purpose.

You want to quickly scale a hobby into a 7-figure business.

You think you know
everything already.

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Our 12-week programme is made up of 3 phases - each of which is the core theme for 4 weeks. We have 1 module every week for a total of 12 modules.


Develop the Foundations of your Success

  • Creating a positive environment for your growth.

  • Taking control of your life.

  • Self-Acceptance.

  • Finding your inner compass.


Define your own Success

  • Finding meaning.

  • Self-Discovery.

  • Overcoming obstacles.

  • Understanding your calling.


Create the Life you Want

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Exploring opportunities.

  • Creating your vision. 

  • Fanning the flames for your success.



The 12-week programme gives you life-time access to the community and material. The investment in yourself is £799. Choose to pay in full or over 3 instalments.




Complete our application and tell us where you're starting from. Next programme starts on 13th Sept 2021.


Speak to James or Michelle, ask questions and find out if the programme is right for you.


Join the programme, get to
know your fellow travellers as we leave the 'Land of Meh!'



James Eves and Michelle Minnikin are the Co-Founders of Inspiration North and will be your dedicated guides.
We really enjoy co-coaching with clients, not just for the energy we get from connecting with and helping others, but also because we bring different backgrounds, experiences and wisdom to support you on your journey.



James is a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach. His role in Inspiration North is Managing Director; he is happiest when he is developing close relationships with and connecting people, planning exciting new projects for the future and facilitating positive change in his clients. 

He is great at spotting the potential in others, helping them learn new things and he gets excited when exploring opportunities and brainstorming options. Working with James is transformative, he has a knack for putting people at ease and building deep rapport, his calm positivity and gift for collaboration shines through in all his interactions. 

He speaks 3 languages, has an MBA and brings 18 years of experience working across 3 continents. He has started multiple businesses, supported other entrepreneurs, and been in the big corporate world across the real estate, construction, manufacturing and training sectors.  With all his experience of change, uncomfortable situations and learning jobs in other languages, he is comfortable with being in uncomfortable situations.

In James’s coaching business – Zira Life, he helps his clients discover and develop their talents to give them the clarity and confidence to perform at their best through strengths-based coaching. 

He gets energy from seeing people grow and develop.


Michelle is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist and Coach. Her role in Inspiration North is Delivery Director; she is happiest when she is creating courses, programmes, webinars and facilitating positive change in her clients. 

She is great at spotting the unique strengths in the people around her and championing them to put them into action. She loves to meet new people, connect humans, create communities, understand and get to know people well. Working with Michelle is fun, she is great at creating a safe place for humans to explore. She is curious, playful, sensitive, intuitive and has a deep understanding of positive psychology and personal development. 

Michelle is passionate about the science of work and careers. After a corporate career in psychology, resourcing, career coaching & employee development across the public and private sectors, she became self-employed in 2016. 

In her other business, Michelle is the Captain of Work Pirates, collaborating with other people professionals to help organisations solve their people problems. She loves designing and running leadership development programmes and supporting her clients to get the foundations in place to hire and retain awesome humans. 

Helping people positively transform their lives is the most rewarding part of her job.



"I want to commend James and Michelle, the creators of Inspiration North, first of all for all of the amazing work that they do in bringing us their podcasts. The world needs this more than ever.

Now they have also created an uplifting course for boosting our happiness, which I can’t recommend highly enough. The core components of the course are crucial cornerstones to building a solid life of true happiness.

Thank you for spreading the happiness to me too."

Annie Gibson-Harrison

"James spent time running through my career history and various responsibilities, before showing how accurate my Gallup Strength results were based on my experience. He passionately explained how the different strength categories could dovetail, providing positive self-reflection that helped explain why I perform consistently in particular areas. James' thorough approach left no stone unturned and he was able to give real life examples that I could identify with, to show how I might prioritise my social life or domestic tasks, based on the outcome of my results. James has definitely helped show me what other direction my professional life could take, using the main strengths identified as a foundation to build upon. I highly recommend getting in touch with James if you're at a crossroads or stumbling block in your career."

Steve Wheeler

"Michelle supported me when I was in the process of making a challenging career decision and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Michelle is simply an amazing human and one of the most inspirational, authentic, genuine, kind and generous psychologists I know. She is an excellent coach and mentor who genuinely cares about her clients and empowers them to grow in confidence and self-belief. She is fun, warm-hearted, creative, always learning and has a book recommendation for everything!

Michelle is also a connector and community builder. She brings people together, enabling collaboration, learning and growth. In addition to working directly with Michelle, she also came in to Kingston Business School to facilitate a session for our MSc Occupational and Business Psychology cohorts. Students were so inspired by Michelle, her content, positivity, energy and vitality. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for a coach, mentor or speaker and I look forward to continuing to work with and collaborate with Michelle in the future."

Taslim Tharani

"Inspiration North is a fantastic place to start if you want to become more productive and fulfilled through better self-awareness and positivity. Run by James Eves and Michelle Minikin I came across their organisation through the Happy Cafes which they run as volunteers for the Action for Happiness charity.  I joined the Newcastle Happy Cafe just as March 2020 lockdown started and they had moved online. Over the year, they’ve become an important punctation in my calendar, giving me a safe space to share my feelings, discuss ways to find my own happiness and support others in finding theirs.

James and Michelle bring a different topic to each session and as a group we develop our positivity toolkit. My cheeks always ache at the end of the hour from a continuous beaming smile on my face.  I believe that one way to thrive in this different world is to create new fulfilling rituals instead of mourning those we have lost, and Happy Cafes (and the Ten Keys Sessions which they also run on a similar theme) have become uplifting sessions I look forward to. I feel like I live off the energy of these gatherings for days afterwards and our WhatsApp group keeps us connected and motivating each other between meetings.

I’ve recently completed Inspiration North’s 21 Days to Happiness self-led course which is another great way to remind yourself of the small daily habits and practices that you can introduce into your life to help bring gratitude and peaceful contentment. A set of videos explain some of the key things a happy person will generally do and the worksheet gives you the space to do them yourself over the period. I now have a daily routine journaling in the book for just a few minutes, it’s time I look forward to and helps to re-set my mood for the day ahead.

Alongside the Happy Café and training courses, Inspiration North publish a weekly blog which features on a different person each episode. The guests share their life and career journeys and regardless of who they are, always seem to have fantastic wisdom to share. I’m still working my way through the archive of editions while out walking – and here pop up Inspiration North again. They’ve encouraged people in their network to take part in One Million Steps challenge which not only encourages me to be more active, but also raises money towards local charities. Their organisation looks after the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing in a very holistic way.

In normal times Inspiration North run networking events which allow people to meet in person and get to know each other in a genuine way, rather than the very corporate schmoozy networking that many of us have experienced in the past.  I haven’t attended one of these events yet but I am sure that if they’re reflective of the human-centred, empathetic and authentic way that James and Michelle run the other parts of their organisation, then they will be powerful, useful and enjoyable.

Thank you James and Michelle. You’re 2 of the best things to come out of 2020 for me."

Helen Simmons

"I had the good fortune to meet James Eves and Michelle Minnikin some time ago, through their amazing work in the North East and beyond. I wholeheartedly recommend their Happy Café Meetings and 21 Days To Happiness Course.

The Happy Cafes became online meetings due “social distancing” and despite not being face-to-face for now, the benefits that attendees take from the meetings is quite amazing. Aside from making new friends, we always have a good laugh and we’re in a very relaxed and supportive environment. People are under no pressure to speak or share but that tends to happens naturally, as the group is encouraged and run in such a friendly and motivating way by the wonderful hosts.

The 21 Days To Happiness Course is well written and beautifully presented. It’s a fabulous way to encourage us to recognise, and focus more, upon the things we should celebrate in everyday life. I found the course very straightforward and easy to follow and it helped me appreciate the people and the things around me, which can be far too easily overlooked.

I’d like to add that whenever the opportunity arises, I am always keen to tell people about the amazing work James & Michelle do, including their brilliantly relaxed podcasts and everything that happens through Inspiration North."

Alan Green